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CutleryDesigned to stand apart and remain loyal to tradition while still being modern with a touch of preciousness and uniqueness.
The production process is made up of various working phases, one of them carried out with painstaking and constant quality checks.
The cultlery can be used daily and does not need any special maintenance - only a little attention.
The cultlery can be washed in the dish-washer with the exception of the salad server, which has a horn handle. Pay special attention to lemon, salt, saffron, mayonnaise, egg, parmesan cheese, vinegar and all food that contains these substances: do not leave cultlery in contact with this kind of food for a long amount of time.
If used daily, which we recommend, silver cultlery can be kept in a drawer without being concerned of a few scratches possibly compromising its charm because, when curtlery loses its cold mirrored syrface, its beauty is actually increased.
The cutlery is made from silver of 800/000 and/or 925/000.

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