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Every day at the table

The cultlery must be positioned beside the plate according to the order each piece is used; remember that the furthest one from the plate is the first to be used.
On the left: the large forks and the fish fork in the event that fish is served.
On the right: the knife with the cutting edge to the plate, the fish knife and the spoon with the bowl upwards.
In front of the plate: the dessert cultlery is positioned horizontally. A spoon and fork or a fork and a knife according to the dessert to be served.
To make the table even more elegant, other silver pieces can be used, such as an under plate, a place card, bread saucers that can also be used as a coaster or a butter saucer, bottle coasters, cheese bowl, cruet, candelabra and centrepieces.

the table

1 - first course fork
2 - main course fork
3 - meat and/or fish knife
4 - soup spoon
5 - under plate, place card
6 - dessert spoon
7 - fruit fork
8 - fruit knife
9 - large water glass
10 - medium red water glass
11 - white wine glass
12 - sparkling wine glass
13 - bread saucer

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